17 October 2013


For a while there it looked like America was becoming the country providing the most page views at your favourite Dope City free press. There were, for a time, twice as many people reading my shit from that doomed land as were doing so from my own fat as a Conservative senator land.

Probably just the cocksuckers from the NSA who finally got bored and moved on to other game.

Canada is back on top now, motherfuckers.

Besides America and Canada, the only countries in the world Canadians give a shit about unless we are planning a winter vacation, the other countries of the world take fucking turns filling out DCFP's top ten reader list. This month it is Indonesia, Russia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, India, Ukraine and Poland making up that list in order. Why the fuck anybody but Britain reads this is anybody's guess.

Don't you foreign motherfuckers understand the meaning of the words, "Fuck off?"


Anonymous said...

The motherfuckers to the south live in the United States of America, not "America". I'd bet a good number of goofs south of us and north of Mexico don't even realize Canada and Mexico are also "America".

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

If the motherfuckers did not land on the moon they would still think it was made of cheese.