16 October 2013

PFG Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner on the weekend. My family gets along pretty fucking good so it was a grand occasion. Hit the booze about as hard as usual. Told the stories we do not tell anybody else but family. Farted loud at all the most inappropriate moments.

No motherfucking television.

Pickled herring and cheese from the old country and good Mennonite sausage from Steepleton on Thai crackers as appetizers - all of it gluten free because of one relative getting himself diagnosed as celiac since last year. If one family member gets sick we all act we have the same shit wrong with us.

Big motherfucking turkey, gluten free gravy, wild rice casserole, sweet potatoes, green and apple salad for dinner.

Gluten free desserts with loads of whip cream. Brandy on the side.

Smartphones came out of people's pockets every now and then, hey, I had to check the horse race results, but other than that my family's Thanksgiving celebration was much as it has been for centuries. Much as most family celebrations have gone since beer, wine and whisky were invented.

On the way home the fucking pigs were everywhere. Looking out for drunks and gangsters. Of course they did not pull me over - I have a whisky drinking, cocaine snorting guardian Hells Angel.

Listened to CBC radio on the way home. Rockin' Ronnie Hawkins was being interviewed. "A legend in his own room," is how he described himself. That is what it is like being the Canadian Elvis. If he had written The Hockey Song he would have got himself a lot more respect.

After Ronnie was done the drummer from the Doors was on. Less people know his name than Ronnie Hawkins'. At the end of the interview, however, the host played "The End." Had not heard that favourite song of mine for quite some time. Nico sang it better than that old hippie cunt Morrison.

"She did the fuck not," Sonja corrected me.

I like it when radio reminds me of something good instead of stories about Republicans and Democrats trying to fistfuck one another into economic oblivion or songs about some superstar's superstar boyfriend pissing them off. Like anybody gives a shit.

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