13 October 2013

Mr. Beer N. Hockey Joins Fight To Decriminalize Cannabis In BC

Do not do a fuck of a lot of serious political advocacy here. Political advocacy takes a lot of patience in my frozen in time country, more patience than this old motherfucker has time for. Change happens in Canada but never faster than a meal passes through a frozen polar bear's ass.

That said, I am behind Sensible B.C.'s effort to halt the policing of our country's long outdated marijuana laws. I am not going to remind you of all the reasons why we ought to stop the fucking government from wasting its precious time and our precious resources trying to stop people from doing something that is not evil. Everybody ought to be informed about all that by now.

Sign Sensible B.C.'s petition. Get off your ass and give Sensible B.C. a hand getting signatures. Now is the time.

I signed the petition myself this morning and signed up to help them get more signatures. Life is about more than drinking beer, if you know what I mean, motherfuckers.

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