27 October 2013

Old Army Boy

Met an old Army boy when I was out with my rejuvenated dog today. Same age as my dad. Asked him, "You must have been in the military?" because he was already wearing his poppy. Little early for poppies. Most people do not wear them until the naked witches of the Samhain woods have danced their last in the long cold shadows of the first day of November.

He had upgraded what skills he learned in the Army at a technical school and done very well for himself. The very same story my dad can tell. Like my dad he did not exactly enjoy his Army years. "Stiff as a colt's cock," was how he described his Army overseers. "If I had to do it again I'd've chose the Air Force. Soft as a pair of tits the Air Force is."

Walks ten miles a day. Every day. Does a man good to chance meet someone admirable once in a while. Of course I may not have met him at all if Canada was doing any fighting when he wore the uniform.

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