28 October 2013

The Diamond of Lou Reed

Lou Reed's hospitalization and liver transplant earlier this year prepared me for his death, which I learned about just now. It is not every rocker, not every poet, that get sick before they die.

Reed taught me how to live before I taught myself how not to die. Pedal to the metal, motherfuckers, then the sense to ease off on the gas a little.

People older than me had Elvis Presley or maybe Chuck Berry. I had Lou Reed.

If I had to do it over, I would not. Glad I spotted the diamond of Lou Reed in the stinking shit heap that is the entertainment industry. I am going to miss him until I too am dead.

After I listened to a couple talking heads eulogize Reed on television it was time to choose the first Lou Reed record I would listen to once he too had left the building.

Rock 'n' Roll Animal.

Turned up loud enough for Lou to listen to in Hell.


Anonymous said...

June 27, 28, 29 & 30, 1968 1024 Davie at Burrard, Vancouver Velvet Underground, Seeds Of Time, Black Snake Blues Band, My Indole Ring, Papa Bear's Medicine Show, Don Thompson Trio Addled Chromish Steve Seymour RC-PC-22 Advertised by a large handbill only.

We didn't even know who Lou Reed was. We just showed up. Best performance I've ever been to. I was five feet away from the stage. Wild, powerful, insane.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The VU's performance at the Retinal Circus, if I am not mistaken, may well have been the best rock show in Vancouver ever, and there have been some dandies since then, from what I have heard from those lucky or wise enough to have been there.

I got to see Lou three times. Twice in Vancouver, once in London. He was in fine form all three occasions. My favourite guitar player and songwriter. My favourite New York City man.

Anonymous said...

A great poet, awesome rocker, and not afraid to tell the man to fuck-off.

Mahalo Lou we will sorely miss your words