26 October 2013

The Senate Sucks Our Blood

The NDP has always been for abolishing the Senate. It is a policy that has long endeared me to the party. The Senate has never been, nor will ever be, anything but a bloodsucking parasite of an institution. Every Canadian Senator that has ever lived ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Good thing we do not have a Senate at the provincial level. Grace McCarthy and her old Social Credit comrades would still be finding a way to fuck us if that were the case.

If the Christian fuckwads, who are the Conservative Party of Canada's base, were in favour of burning every last Senator at the stake I would have a lot more respect for them. Unfortunately, today's Christian mission seems only to make double sure our lives on Earth become more Hellish with each passing day.

Not sure I would stop with the abolishment of the Senate however. Do we really need a House of Commons? Aren't they too bloodsucking parasites?

We can make a better Canada for ourselves. We still have the Freedom to make the changes necessary for that overdue betterment. But it will never happen as long as we are governed by parasites.

Motherfucking pork choppers.


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