7 August 2013

On the Edge

I live on the very edge of the overpopulated clusterfuck known, rather unimaginatively, as the Lower Mainland. Looking West from my front window I see nothing but business for undertakers. To the east, beyond my back garden, I see Canada, its true north strong and free mountains. The waterfront of the Lower Mainland, choked as it is with absentee owners and various other fucking parasites, is where the money is. Out here, at the edge of the mountains, is where value lies.

On BC Day, before I made my way to Dope City Downs, I was on the edge of my property picking the blackberries that spill from the mountain onto my property, the sun already over my rooftop drying the midnight dew. As I worked a wee songbird landed on a nearby branch and then slowly made his way closer to me until he was not two feet away. We looked at one another, me with my big space alien eyes, the bird with eyes no bigger than  good sized tomato seeds. I stood quiet. The bird cheeped.

He wanted me to turn the hose on so he could have a bath. I did so. Never fuck with Mother Nature, motherfuckers.


motorcycleguy said...

"Never fuck with Mother Nature, motherfuckers."

All you IPP's draining alpine lakes, diverting waterfalls and stringing powerlines in Narrows Inlet on the Sunshine Coast better listen to Mr. Beer.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I was reminded, as I listened to Joni Mitchell being interviewed on CBC tv, that it was her song about paving paradise that was probably the first sensible thing I heard in my life. As for fucking with Mother Nature - I hope I am not alive to see nuclear bombs fall on our northern coast's airstrike magnet LNG plants.

karen said...

That was as poetic as any poem you have written.

Peaceful and evocative imagery, and a perfect warning exhortation.

motorcycleguy said...

nah, not from the air....like Leonard Cohen said, they will change the system from within....enemies masquerade as temporary foreign workers, infiltrate the working ranks and plant the bomb on site..of course not saying it couldn't be a nuclear bomb

co-incidence about Joni Mitchell


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Thanks for noticing Karen. It was a peaceful, evocative morning.