14 August 2013

Blueberry Wine

For many years now I have been buying blueberry wine from a Steepleton farmer. Hindoo. Hence the name I know his garage wine by: Hindoo Blue.

He was proud of his wine. Tried to make it better every year. When I inevitably returned for more he would ask, "So what you think Beer? Is this year's the best blueberry wine ever?"

I would always tell him, "Oh fuck yes." As long as it was sort of clear and would get Sonja's panties off about as often as last year's batch it was the best batch of Hindoo hooch ever.

No more hooch this year though. Motherfucking farmer has moved out of the world of underground wine making into the sweet yuppie wine culture British Columbia is nearly as well known for as our fantastic bud. Not just blueberry wine either. Blackberry, strawberry, raspberry.

Of course I bought some. Blueberry. Not as strong as his garage wine but much tastier. Come on out to Steepleton and get yourself some berry wine. It will fuck you up and you are going need to get fucked up once Dope City's hockey team begins yet another season of the ugliest hockey in Canada.

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