5 August 2013

BC Cup 2013

BC Cup today. British Columbia's mid-summer celebration of thoroughbred race horses and the beer drinking animals that like to watch them race one another. I expect somewhere near 15,000 people will be in attendance today. It should be like an old time Pacific Colosseum Canuck crowd except all but the unluckiest fan should have something to cheer for today.

Good to see horsemen have shipped some young horses down from the interior for today's event. The re-emergence of Desert Park has got some breeders back into the game up there and they already want to try out their stock against the hemp seed fed rockets on four legs based at Dope City Downs. They even entered a few horses in yesterday's races. I hope they find the finish line a little faster today.

The BC Bred stakes all look like excellent betting opportunities. Betting the favourite over the field in the exacta will not buy you a condo in Whistler this year. Have an especially good look at the two year olds. The favourites do not have more than a slight edge there. Look for a good sized relaxed looking one and bet the motherfucker to win. In the Classic, today's 8th race, I like El Capone. Trainer has done great work with him this year. He is too slow to win a sprint stake unless he ships to Marquis Downs but he is bred to run long and I am going to bet he will be running down the middle of the track passing horses like police on their way to a donut shop. Good luck to everyone, especially the interior horsemen. And do not forget to drink lots of beer. Your horse will run a lot faster if you do.

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