2 August 2013

It Was Not the Lame Campaign That Screwed NDP in May Election

Lot more talk about the BCNDP recently. Every last word of it eyebrow high steaming hot horseshit. The party lost the election because the assclowns behind the HST destroyed the only issue the NDP could have won with if they had featured it first and most prominently in a campaign. Fuck you all you anti-HST activists, you gave the fucking game away. No matter how good a campaign was run the people were happy enough with the stumbly-humbly Liberals once that tax had it's head hung on every cash register in the land. Try not to give it away or have it taken away when the next Big Issue comes up mid election cycle. Right Bill and Bill? That's where the blame's at motherfuckers. Thank them the next time the Premier gets her Canuck knickers in a knot.


Anonymous said...

BNH you are wrong: "It's the economy stupid."

The HST was only a piece of a BIGGER picture. The BC Liberals were allowed to write the script, direct the play and stage the production.

The NDP was a polite audience that never once called out the players (since when was telling the truth a negative?), or tried take command.

I saw better run campaigns for class president when I was in high school.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The only wrongness out there is the somewhat religious belief the best NDP campaign can stand in for a pissed off bloodthirsty bunch of old white guys in an election this century.