27 July 2013

Long Drive Rock 'n Roll

I listen to more music in the summer. Long drives and lazing about in the back garden present splendid occasions for long hours of pleasing my audiophile self. I have lots of old music to listen to but at such times I also need to hear something new. That is what keeps what our record stores alive.

Urged on by Hard Rock Henrik up in 69 Mile House I added the new Black Sabbath to the collection. His enthusiasm for loud music well played is never misplaced, something he recently reminded me of when he played Sparkling Apple's recent first cd release for me on a recent visit. Could not imagine a record collection that would not benefit from adding "13" to it. Just the thing to listen to after watching one of Hitler's children, aka Conservative Party cabinet ministers, warn us of the continuing danger marijuana presents to the modern world they are so not in love with.

Filled out my Rory Gallagher collection with several cds his estate re-issued a few years back. A visit to his website had reminded me how many of his records I had never listened to much less owned. His music sounds even better now than it did when he first recorded it and played it for my appreciative ears at the old Commodore Ballroom. Makes a man proud to be Irish when listening to Rory becuse his music just might be the best rock 'n' roll ever made.

In my car's cd the last couple days I have had a John Lee Hooker best of playing. "House Rent Boogie" is the song off the cd I have been listening to repeatedly. The motherfuckers in Steepleton city hall should have to listen to the song every day for the rest of their lives. They ought to have a teaspoon of chickenshit stirred into their first cup of coffee in the morning too. Oh, fuck it, nothing will ever wise up those redneck motherfuckers - not even John Lee Hooker and a venti cup of chickenshit cappucino.


Danneau said...

Gallagher was a peach, a real ripper in person and a great way to liven up the living room. Maybe that's just the O'Connell in me, but I suspect it has much more to do with raw talent and the ability to connect with an audience. Glad someone else remembers him.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Most of the old rockers loathed punk rock and were threatened by it. Gallagher saw the Pistols' last show at Winterland. Need I say more?