30 August 2013

Hate and War

It is a good thing Canada and America are on friendly terms.

That is what I have thinking since it has become obvious Syria is going to join the long list of countries to get the shitfuck bombed out of them by our revolutionary neighbours just a few miles due south of the Dope City Free Press corporate headquarters.


Because I do not see much, if any, difference between the nerve gas attack in Syria and the chickenshit attack on a Steepleton homeless camp a while back. It is all about the hate, motherfuckers. It is all about hate and war.

There is lots more where that chickenshit came from. And the deployment system used to launch the attack, dump trucks, are not in short supply around here. And the motherfuckers who ordered the attack are still in their pork chop positions of authourity.  


Your driver said...

Do you get why I ended the honeymoon with Obama? I'll admit that he's sunk even lower than I expected but I"m only a little bit surprised. Can they take back his Nobel Peace Prize?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I don't think so. The Peace Prize Committee may vote to stick it up his ass however.