31 August 2013

Mix Tape Memories

I have loads of old mix tapes. If you liked music before computers simplified the task of recording music you had to make your own mix tapes. Radio station programmers for the past half century or so ought to be thrown in a heap and burned for their sins.

Put one on this afternoon. Recorded sometime in '89. Mostly selections from Lou Reed's "New York," which must have been new at the time, and the Ramones' "End of the Century." Some would argue the two records were the finest music produced by the New York City motherfuckers. Not me.

Also on the tape - The Velvet Underground's "Heroin," which I had not heard for a month or two, might be the best rock 'n' roll song ever; Motorhead's first single, the A and B sides, some of the finest racket ever recorded; the Sex Pistols' first and third single's A sides, those were the days my friends, those were the days; Eddie and the Hot Rods' high water mark "Beginning of the End," (the two occasions I got to see them were very nearly the beginning of my own end); Stiff Little Fingers' "Wasted Life," which I hope somebody is banging out on a basement stage in Syria some fucking place; Elvis' "Tiny Steps," he and the Attractions put on the best show I ever saw in the Canucks' old trackside rink; Canada's national anthem "Disco Sucks"  - now more than ever; before closing with one of my favourite songs from junior high, Mott the Hoople's "Marionette," which I like to think Sweeney Todd played in a high school gymnasium back when I used to do the alligator rock with Elton John before he too went disco  - the hunk of fucking shit.

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