27 August 2013

Raunch-o-meter Tickle

I heard on the radio there had been some lasciviousness on the boob tube Sunday night. Some make believe dick sucking, cunt fingering or some such. Naturally I tuned into Entertainment Tonight to see just what the fuck it was that was titillating Good Old America and Good Old America's loyal RCMP musical ride sex slave Canada.

Barely registered on my raunch-o-meter. Perhaps if the woman once known as Hannah Montana had admitted she had smoked grass five or six times with Justin Trudeau the needle may have at least tickled the black register of the meter.

Every President of the USA has had his dick sucked under a White House desk by somebody other than his wife. And still a big old phallic foam finger gets everybody coming in their designer jeans like a sixteen year old on ecstasy with a front row seat watching a whore fuck a horse?

Grow the fuck up, motherfuckers.

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