14 June 2013

Desert Park Horse Racing Returns

Saturday afternon I will be joining the liquored up crowd to enjoy a seven race card at Desert Park. That's in Osoyoos, British Columbia. Just down the Whisky Highway from a city just a little pissed to see both Chicago and Boston playing like men for the Stanley Cup, unlike their own team of weenies. First time they have raced horses at Desert Park in just about two decades. First race goes at three o'clock.

A group of people, who eventually declared themselves a non-profit society, have been working for years to bring horse racing back to wine country. The kind of people who deserve to be supported with your presence. The kind of people that make our country great despite a bunch of oil buffoons doing their best to run it into the fucking gutter for years.

The temperature is going to be in the mid-twenties. Summer is here. Time drink up or shut up, motherfuckers.


Anonymous said...

I've been there twice in the last six weeks and I'm writing to say:

The view from the track is exceptionally GORGEOUS!

I know nothing about horses or racing, but I know a great view when I see it.

btw - Saturday afternoon's Osoyoos forecast is sunny and ~28C.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Been looking forward to Saturday afternoon for about five years, when I first heard Desert Park was coming back to life.