18 June 2013

Desert Park Rocks

Hope you all caught the music on Hockey Night In Canada that preceded game three of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final. Neil Young and Crazy Horse's "Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)." Harper and the rest of his good for fucking nothing crew may have sucked just about every last dollar out of the CBC but they have yet to suck out its rusting soul. Given enough time, and enough encouragement from the motherfucking rednecks who have mistakenly come to think of themselves as our country's pure as Anne Murray's underpants soul, it will not be long before they will be patting one another on bruised backs for having, as God insisted, done so.

But, as Canadians sometimes whisper quietly between themselves when all the Canadian teams have been crushed as Arabs' hopes for freedom yet again, fuck hockey.

Was at Desert Park on Saturday for their first day of horse racing since Gordon Campbell was still on the bottle and chasing hole. Organizers expected about a thousand people to show up. At least two thousand livened up the border town oval.

So many people showed up all the programmes were sold out before the first race went to post. That was too bad because the event would have made more money if more of the $5 programmes could have been sold.

So many people showed up the organizers had to repeatedly go on beer runs to keep the thirsty crowd happy. I thought the good people who attend the races at Sunflower Downs were the thirstiest horse racing fans on the planet. Wrong again Beer. The thirstiest horse racing fans are the patrons of Desert Park. They were a well behaved crowd however. No cop cars burned or anything like that. I think it was the influence of the more social than most community of Anarchist Mountain that kept a lid on what could easily have turned into an ugly situation.

The best shows in our Liberal asshole licking province can be found at the Interior Race Days. On the 29th of this month Princeton puts on their show; on July 14th and 28th Vernon will be rocking in venerable Kin Park; on August 31st the show returns to Desert Park.

Get the fuck up there.

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