12 June 2013

Share Your Dog

I like having a dog. I should have had a dog when I was born. We would have ruled, motherfuckers.

Now that I have had three dogs I know what is better than having a dog: sharing your dog.

Yesterday the Hammer paid a visit to somebody across the park from where I was walking. It was brief, the person the Hammer visited was ok with it, but it did not go like it goes most times my dog visits a stranger.

So when my dog had a chance to go visit again she did. This time the stranger and my dog had a proper visit, tummy rubs and everything. The two of them happy like they had been drinking beer for hours after their team had won the Stanley Cup.

My dentist brings her dog to the prison every week. Cannot get much cooler than that.

1 comment:

RossK said...

My kids' dentist does the same.

It is the coolest thing

Even makes me happy as I sit there in the torture chamber's anteroom.