5 March 2013

The People You Meet

I met this woman out on the campaign trail from the Congo. She has not had voting privileges long. She will be voting for the first time on May 14th.

We got to talking. Me in my beery slur, her in her not quite there English. Turned out half her family was from Rwanda.

"Rwanda, eh" I said to her. "We all know about that fucking place for all the wrong reasons."

"Genocide," she said. Do not hear that word every day.

"You didn't lose anybody over there did you?" I asked.

"My mom. All her family," she told me matter of factly.

"God damn fascists, " I growled.

She nodded.

"I bet you think Canada is pretty fucking great," I said, brightening.

"Oh, yes. I love it here. Hard to find a job but I like it very much."

She has a three year old girl and an attitude more positive than a Canuck fan after a big win and too many shitty $10 beers. If she comes knocking on your door looking for work, give her a fucking job! 

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