6 March 2013

Coming To Terms With Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez - I never did sort out whether he was an asshole or not. He was a socialist, as I am, but I do not know how much interest he had in Freedom, if any, which, as our bedevilled security obsessed century unwinds, most of us are finding to be sort of important.

My Anarchist buddies in Venezuela never got on much with Chavez. He was always trying to fuck them around, trying to stall their fight for liberty and some measure of equality for all.

I guess maybe Hugo Chavez was an asshole. At least he was not a Big Asshole like that motherfucker Harper, nor the Big Asshole Justin Trudeau will become if he is not terribly careful. Hell, he is probably not even as big of an asshole as Tom Mulcair.

Rest in peace Hugo. As politicians go, you were not so fucking bad.  

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That about sums it up.