3 March 2013

On the BC Liberals and the May 14 Provincial Election

At times I do write a little political commentary here. Not enough to bore you I hope. At this time I would like to write about the political party that has been running my province of British Columbia for the past dozen years.

I am finding it difficult to do. They have been acting, these past four years in particular, like the folks who run the Vatican when it is whisky and quaaludes night there. I can all but see the motherfuckers buggering young boys in the hallways of their legislature. Writing about the BC Liberals has become like writing about watching child pornography - who the fuck wants to do that?

Such behaviour on the part of government (and they all act similarly sooner or later) makes my choice to prefer Anarchism, libertarian socialism if you will (if may count Anarchism as a political party), over regular old party politics seem a sensible one. Or so I have thought for a great many years now. Why should I number myself amongst the drunk doped up buggerers of young boys in the hallways of the legislature?

But I have. I am working for the principal party whose mission it is to figuratively rip the guts from the BC Liberals on May 14th and hang their candidates from those very same guts in their town squares so that the people may throw buckets of their own urine at them to make it clear just how vile we think they are.

It has been fun thus far. Meeting lots of new people with a common interest, the destruction of a target and replacing it with a target we hope people will not to destroy for a good long while, is like that. It requires more than a little effort but nothing worth accomplishing requires anything less.

I do feel a little dirty being a political party member. I hope you will forgive me. I think I can live with the feeling because I know I will never feel 1% as dirty as BC Liberals and the people who voted for them in the last election must feel right now.


Your driver said...

I'm OK with the anarchism but I'm really very jealous of you because you have a party you can stand to work with. Down here we have a one party system with two factions. I help out a little with local politics but the system is corrupt to the core. At the state and local level there's almost no point.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I do.

Anonymous said...

Ya know Beer.
It really disturbs my wa when you are disturb by politics.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I shouldn't be disturbed by a fucking thing political in the province I live. Yet I am, as are a great many others with similarly low expectations. Face it: when the city of Surrey is better governed than your province the shit has clogged the fan.

G West said...

A lot of people who haven't been involved politically for a long time are getting some electoral exercise this year Beer. I'm with you - it's dirty nasty work but it's necessary.