30 March 2013

Obama of Beer

Up early as usual this morning. Coffee, porridge, too fucking early for beer.

Took the dog out. Lots of people who figure Jesus rose from the fucking dead in the churches we passed.

Further along I could see a few young men sunning themselves on their slum's patio. As I got closer I could see one of the young men was wearing a DOA hoodie. Once I got close enough I introduced myself.

"Morning. I'm Beer, an old DOA fan."

They were drinking tall cans of PBR. It was 10:00 Am. My kind of motherfuckers.

"Like your dog dude," one of them said just a little blearily.

"It's a little early for political bullshit but I thought I might encourage you to vote for the NDP on May 14th." I may be volunteering for three parties and one independent but I am only campaigning for one of them.

"Fuck that!" one of them said. "We're fucking Conservatives!" All three of them fucking near fell out of their lawn chairs when he said that.

The guy in the DOA hoodie, who had not spoken yet, eyed me up and decided I was worth wasting a beer on. Before I knew it I too was basking in the Good Friday sun drinking a PBR, the Hammer had a bowl of water and before long I had three new volunteers to install lawn signs in a couple of weeks.

I am the motherfucking Obama of beer.

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