1 April 2013

Liberal Saturday Night

On the phone Saturday night for the fucking Liberals. Saturday night might not be a good time to catch people at home some places but it is as good as any time here in Steepleton.

Some political strategists do not think it is a good idea to phone people when the Canucks are on Hockey Night In Canada either. That is why I heard answers similar to this on several occasions when people picked up their phone.

"If the Canucks were winning I'd be pissed off you phoned right now but they are already losing 3-0 so I'd probably be happy if a bill collector phoned right now nevermind somebody with a life so fucking empty they have nothing better to do than try and get me to vote for Christy Clark on their Saturday night. Come to think of it you fucking Liberals feel just about the same as the Canucks do right now, don't you?"

The voters are always right, especially after they have had a few beers in them on a Saturday night. 

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