12 March 2013

Beer the Television Reviewer

I would do more reviewing of what is on television if I watched any of the fucking shit. (If you just read that it is sentences just like that keep you coming back for more.)

Tonight I watched a half hour's worth. Shaun Majumder's new show debuted. Appears to be one of those motherfucking reality shows that usually make me vomit. This one is different, see? It is set in Burlington, Newfoundland, Shaun's hometown.

It is on the "W" network. I watched it at 7:30 Monday. The "W" used to stand for women. Looks as if it now stands for wack job.

There's about 250 people live in the town. The premise is that he is going to have built a fancy lodge where eco-tourists like you can come to rest up and get pissed up in after a good day in the great outdoors of Newfoundland.

By the look of the town folk it looks like they think they scared the half brown cunt off years ago but now he's back. They are probably afraid he is going to build a a temple and invite all his brown buddies to live and pray and shit.

Tune in if a couple boxcars of Newfoundlanders does not make you queasy.

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