16 March 2013

No Tweeting For Me

I do not follow anybody's motherfucking twittering. I do however catch a little of what Joe Keithley tweets when I visit his Sudden Death site.

Joe on the new fucking Pope - "Nice to see the church has embraced the youth movement!"

Hansard will have to wait a while longer before its written recounting of my province's legislature's goings on is enlivened by such good old Canadian honesty.


motorcycleguy said...

Joe was on a roll recently, but the establishment didn't like it. Funny how the group we think are anti-establishment aren't. Joe will roll again.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Around here, where the system, as it was once known, is not working for people real well, there are not that many people fighting it. Too many of us, me included, benefit enough from the system to not fully resist it. That's life, as Sinatra once sang, that's what it is.