1 November 2012

Weather Is Fine Here

Weather is fine here.
No earthquakes.
Damn little pestilence.

No plague.
No rebellion.
No general strike.

No occupation.
No revolution.

No poison Alberta beef.
No pipeline.
No fucking war.

I am drinking a beer.


Bill said...

Beer - that'a very positive outlook in your poem...

However I must say that the BC lying Liberals are truly a plague on the good people of this province.

Thankfully, some simple pleasures, a few beers, some poetry, dog walks and humour probably work as well as any antidote to their particular poison.


Nazz Nomad said...

still without power on Long island. I've been remote officing from my local new favorite bar. After this is done, I'll be ready to go to a frickin' AA meeting.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I do not recall hearing a song called "Disasters and Drinking." Sing along -

Disasters and drinking
After all this is done
I'll be ready to go to
A fucking AA meeting (or two)

Disasters and drinking
I once had a home
Now I live in a rundown
Irish bar named Mahoney's

Disasters and drinking
There's no hope
But I'll make do
Much like the Islanders do

Disasters and drinking
Now New York City looks worse
Than the cover of the Ramone's debut
From bad to worse to wet shitty

Disasters and drinking
They go hand in hand
Like bad times and
Salvation Army bands

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Liberals, as led by their present leader, are a disease alright. The Campbell version of the party had an evil focus and intent, he wasn't fucking around; Clark's Liberals are just plain the worst government in BC's history: even worse than Campbell and Van Der Zalm.