4 November 2012

It Was Like Syria

A lot of people have a hard time imagining what life might be like without a fucking government to push us around. I do not.

Without governments to push us around Hallowe'en would be a lot more fun. I live in a town that has outlawed fireworks. I believe most towns have done so by now. Been more successful at outlawing fireworks than any prohibition in history. Maybe we do not need fireworks with all the good dope we have around.

Once upon a time Hallowe'en was fun. Firecrackers, roman candles, firehouses, homemade boom-boom - just about everybody with a few bucks to blow lit shit up on Hallowe'en night. It was like Syria. It was beautiful.

Now there is motherfuck all. Do not think I heard more than a handful of fireworks blown off this Hallowe'en. Used to be I would be kept up late as teenagers roamed the town slowly emptying their pockets of explosive devices. I was fast asleep before the last trick or treaters stopped banging on my door.

Fast asleep as the fucking government.

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