8 October 2012

Visitors From Foreign Lands

Big old Thanksgiving dinner party yesterday. Usual crowd plus a couple new faces.

Sister Sal's new boyfriend Gestur got to see her family for the first time. She met him on the internet six months back and had been to see him a few times where he lives. Motherfucker lives in Iceland. Lots of distance relationships going on now because of fucking computers.

Nice guy. Speaks English. Likes riding his Icelandic horses around his steamy island.

One of my nephews introduced us to his new girl Frangelica. Calls herself Anita. She moved up to Canada several years ago to escape George Bush. Moved around the States a little. Lived next door to the Spahn ranch for a time.

I have met a lot of foreigners in my Canadian lifetime. The motherfuckers are attracted to this country like losers to the Canucks. Most of them are ok - just here to drink our beer and smoke our weed. The exception are the Chinese. They are the ones we need to fear because they want one thing and one thing only - to take us over. The Americans used to want to do that too but now they are too fat, stoned and lazy to be bothered.

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