11 October 2012

Really Lost Generation

Walked by some kids having a soccer (football to you foreigners) practice. Cannot have the Hammer off her leash around kids doing organized sports. Her joining such organized groups adds a touch of chaos to whatever it is the coach is trying to organize - something many coaches resent. Their coach, (and his inevitable English fucking accent) had just sent them for a spin around the pitch. They were not very old. Maybe ten. Out of the whole lot of them just one looked like he could run and that was only because the rest of his team looked they were not going to make the whole way 'round.

I told the lad so but he could not say anything back because he was already winded after having ran half way around his field of World Cup dreams.

We and our computer masters are developing one generation after another that are all feebs. No wonder we have turned our sports heroes into motherfucking gods. They are not like the rest of us. They can run, jump, skate, throw shit. We can type and play electronic games.


I am a member of the Blank Generation. We were famous for being able to outdrink a thirsty horse, outrun the fucking cops and outdope the hippies . We were a generation of Gretzkys. A Great One on every block.

Looks to me like the generation born about the time Osama dialed 9-1-1 for us ought to be called something. Something that says something about them and us. Something like the Really Lost Generation


Danneau said...

This is good. Matter of fact I hadn't been here for a bit and had some catching up to do. It's all good, but, then, you knew that. My grand daughter was over yesterday, took off her shoes at the door, remarking that they were her hiking shoes and that she loves to hike. She's eight and does dancing and monkey bars as well. Her brother, five, does karate rides his bike, plays street hockey with grandfather and plants potatoes. While both kids are adept at all manner of tech stuff, they love to run around and play outdoors. Makes me happy to see it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Makes me happy to hear about a couple of great sounding kids. Just reading the list of what your grand kids do reminds me why too many parents are happy to let their kids rot in front of a screen - all that shit sounds dangerous! Not as dangerouus as heart failure and diabetes at an early age however.

uniplmr1 said...

I have a giant kid. He's 14, 5'8'',180 lbs. He bowled for a while, karate for a minute, boxing lessons from me just long enough to learn about how to throw a punch three different ways.I like to think I could have made him into the 'Next Willie Mays'. He's not interested. He loves to fuck around on the computer. He can do his homework, have a live A/V feed going between three other people in his class, listening to M&M,eating and drinking shit, and arguing with me to get money for the football game at El Molino High School.I could not do that. No way. He's got the old 3.85 average, a "B+" to us old motherfuckers. He has it going on. He ain't a sports guy. A very very casual fan of the Giants. These guys are going to be alright but it looks like we'll need another generation or two to maybe get to revolution. Unless WE can get it going. HAH!!!

Nazz Nomad said...

"I am a member of the Blank Generation. We were famous for being able to outdrink a thirsty horse, outrun the fucking cops and outdope the hippies ."

fuckin' a---- I was telling pretty much that to my shrink last week when he asked me why I took such pride in my ability to party everyone else into a coma. Last man standing motherfucker- it's a point of serious pride.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

With heroes like Stompin' Tom Connors, it took some doing.