7 October 2012

Holidays In the Sun

We have holidays. I am not sure why but we get them. The fucking government and the fucking corporations want to take back every fucking thing we have pried from their death grip over the years except for one thing. Holidays.

Our government is even giving us one more day off next year. A few rich fuckers squawked about how much it was going to cost them. Did not take them long to shut the fuck up however. Nobody likes a holiday hater.

Thanksgiving, which Canadians celebrate in October to give thanks for hockey, is like just about all the holidays now. We do not know what the fuck it means, just like we do not seem to what anything means any more, but we are all for it.

Seems to me Thanksgiving should be extended into a four day long weekend. If one day off with pay is good, two days off is twice as good. 

1 comment:

sassy said...

"If one day off with pay is good, two days off is twice as good."

hear, hear!