29 September 2012

Is Your Town Like This?

Is your town like this?

I am night walking my dog in the park. There is cloud cover so it is dark as fuck. I am in the middle of the park. Suddenly I am overcome by the smell of pot smoke. (Does anyone still call it pot besides me?) Smells real good even to someone like me who does not smoke the shit any more.

I could not figure out where it was coming from. The Hammer figured it out. A handful of skaters were smoking up in the darkest corner of the park. As I walked by I told them, "I thought I could smell ganja but there did not seem to be anybody around."

"Yes, it was us," admitted one of the skaters who I still could not see even though I was now just ten feet away.

As I walked away the skaters were having a laugh. "Ganja!" Does no one call it ganja any more either?

Next day I am walking through another park with my dog. Broad daylight, as the pigs are fond of describing the time of day the latest gangsters have been readied for the funeral parlour. Two guys, in their early twenties I guess, were smoking their brains out, as we used to do before a rock show in the '70s.

"How you doing guys?" I asked them.

"Fucking great," they assured me.

This is called mutual nonchalance.

There are people in this world who still think dope should be illegal. What fucking planet are they living on? Not mine, that much I do know. 


RossK said...

"mutual nonchalance"

I like the sound and non-fury of that phrase.

Had me thinking of horse racing without the thundering of any hooves.

Or some such thing.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Had to check both the spelling and meaning of nonchalance having not spoken the word for quite some time. Where the Hell words come from when you sit down to do a little typing is my favourite dime store mystery. The French, to their credit, came up with some good words over the years.

RossK said...

Ya, well, they do have a different word for just about everything.

The French, I mean.

Kim said...

Wow, "mutual nonchalance".

Wouldn't that make a great national credo? I wonder how you would phrase that in latin?

Maybe it's time we separate from Ottawa?

Forgive my rambling, there's been alot of smoke in the air recently...

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Google has mutual nonchalance as mutua incuria.

uniplmr1 said...

Why would you stop smoking weed? Even when I did, I didn't. Nonchalantly. Mitt Romney may become a real president of down here where I am. He is in a cult that believes space beings on a hidden planet are on top of it all
More acid,stanley, and then some weed