28 September 2012

Sidebar News - A Closer Look

Added Jody Patterson's "A Closer Look" to the sidebar. She is Paul Willcock's shack-job. Two of them are down in Honduras doing good shit and writing about their experiences and such.

I have been reading Paul's writing for years. I am drawn, generally speaking, to male writers. He had a syndicated column. For all I know he still does. I rarely read newspapers any more.

(Sonja hates it when after some award winning television interview by a female reporter is concluded and she asks, "What to do you think of that?" I have dozed off. Men have gotten just as bad since Howard Cosell ran like monkey to the other side.)

(As a further aside I would sure like to hear Paul St. Pierre's thoughts of Justin Trudeau running to lead the Federal Liberals. Paul was there way back when and i bet he has some great shit to say about the newest sexy Frenchman on the block.)

Jody's writing is new to my eyes. It is really something. She might just be my new Nicole Parton, a female writer I used read all the time as well as infrequently correspond with, back in the days when the abilty to communicate on paper was valued and occasionally rewarded.

Best part of her website is her daily haiku. I like daily writing, it is what I do for the most part. Daily writing motherfucking rocks.

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