24 July 2012

Jesus the Joker

Inevitably, word has come out that the motherfucker who allegedly shot up the Batman audience in Colorado was brought up Christian. Christian as all fuck, same as just about every western psycho killer you can name.

The more atheistically inclined among us have all cynically asked, "Where was God when the motherfucker opened up on all those people?" The answer, if you give a shit, is pretty fucking simple. God was between the killer's ears spewing His Hate and War.


Kim said...

That's for fucking sure, Motherfucker.

uniplmr1 said...

yeah. no shit...sunday school was out. You know how they caught ass monkey? He was coming out dressed like an Aurora SWAT team member. One of the guys going in noticed he was wearing the wrong kind of gas mask. If he got away, what was his next stop... Probably church