22 July 2012

I'm Still Here

Up for a movie review? Too fucking bad if you are not.

Watched "I'm Still Here" last night. It is about Joaquin Pheonix's post acting life or some fucking thing. Vaguely remember a movie reviewer or two suggesting it might be right up my alley a couple years back when it came out.

No shit.

If I gave a sawmill rat's ass about movie stars, or even entertainment stars generally for that matter, I would have seen this motherfucking masterpiece when it first came out.

Rock 'n' roll may have made a man out of me but it makes an animal out this movie's star. Glad Sonja picked it off the shelf at London Drugs (a Canadian company) because it will be watched again and again.

Go fucking buy it.


paul said...

Great, disturbing movie. Casey Affleck, the director tried to claim after the fact that they were just making it up, a hoax. I don't buy it. Joaquin Phoenix seemed entirely too real. And he still hasn't been in a released movie since.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Did not let the hoax or no hoax business cloud my enjoyment of the movie. There are too films out there that I can relate to, on any level, to not enjoy every minute of it. Deep water is the only water worth getting into for some of us poor swimmers.

Anonymous said...

London Drugs (a Canadian company). Yes, a Canadian company that stocks a lot of crap from China.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Yes, London Drugs sells Chinese shit. I checked the labels of the three things Sonja and I bought from them on Saturday and here's what I found. 1) Hendrix's long player "Band of Gypsies" - made in motherfucking America. 2) Micatin (for my itchy balls) - made in motherfucking Canada. 3) "I'm Still Here" dvd - doesn't say but probably made in motherfucking Mexico.

On Saturday we spoke with our wallets and told the Chinese to fuck off.

motorcycleguy said...

"On Saturday we spoke with our wallets and told the Chinese to fuck off"

hear hear