21 July 2012

Punk Rock Guitars

There have been kids entering the prison system we call school the past few years whose earliest memories are of airplanes smashing purposely into tall American buildings. I do not ask you to think about much when you read the Dope City Free Press but think about that for a minute and compare those children's bedrock memories with your own.

My earliest memories are of the Toronto Maple Leafs playing well and the Beach Boys playing even better. Be true to your school, motherfuckers. They were singing on tv and on the radio. My dad hated them. He knew, as any military man would instinctively know, that one day they would blow their fucking minds on pot and acid. My mom was less dismissive because, unlike my dad, they still had hair and all the young girls, a demographic moms hang on to like a cliff edge above a molten pool, dreamed about them before they went to sleep at night.

All I heard were the punk rock guitars.


RossK said...

Makes sense, I guess.

After all, this no such thing as snowbird guitar doors.

But if there was.....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Snowbird Guitar Doors - I like that. Due to my advanced years Canadian popular music, which Anne Murray will remain the undisputed Queen of until Snowbird celebrates its Diamond Jubillee and inevitably joins O Canada, God Save the Queen and Disco Sucks as an official national anthem, is not part of my early memories and it would be several years before Dope City's equivalent of 9-1-1 got dialed up in the disastrous form of the Canucks.