25 July 2012


Sonja and I had eaten and had a couple. Outside the restaurant, before we got back in the car and returned home, we warmed ourselves in the setting sun and watched the scene. Lot of fucking dope on the streets of Steepleton.

Closest to us a man and a handful of female helpers were selling shit to people pulling up in their cars. Family people in family cars. One by one the deals got done.

"Hey! That looks like Jimi's car!" observed Sonja.

It was Jimi in his family man car. The money went out his window and the drugs came in.

Later I phoned him.

"Sonja and I saw you on Crack Dealer Avenue tonight. You on the pipe motherfucker?" I asked.

"Me?" came the answer. "Fuck no. I'm seeing this chick who won't let me fuck her in the ass unless she is high as fuck."

"You're fucking a co-co puff?"

"Co-co puff? Haven't heard that for a while. I guess I am fucking a co-co puff."

A co-co puff will do anything for cocaine. Anything.

Did not sound like Jimi was making the buy for himself. Just the same I will have to keep an eye on him. Me and my friends we get plenty fucked up but we keep an eye out for one another. We can spot tombstones in a man's eyes clear across town.

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