17 May 2012

Move It

In front
Of me
At a light
On the way
Home from
The fucking mill

Move it

Move it.


cornholio said...

bumper sticker seen in Courtenay today...

"Take it easy this aint' the lower mainland"

Long weekend be safe Mr.Beer!

motorcycleguy said...

A head tax upon entering the country....goes directly to ICBC to reduce premiums for those of us who will inevitably get into an accident trying to avoid all the people not used to driving (but seem to have obtained licenses). It is unnerving when I can't see a head over the headrest...from behind it looks like a driverless car...sometimes it might as well be.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Too late for that motorcycle guy. I live in a primarily white Christian community. Judging by the fact that just about every time I ask a white person who is not in retail a question I find out all they speak is German, Russian or some other language from a country that claims to be every bit as democratic and shit as Canada from which they have recently escaped. They all ought to have been head taxed on entry too because they drive dog shit crazy enough for everybody. No fucking wonder nothing is being researched more these days than the driverless car.