19 May 2012

Teeth of the Hammer

Ok. The Preakness. Cannot see I'll Have Another doing anything but winning. His Kentucky Derby score was notched just a little too easily to bet against him. Am envisioning a four length winning margin. Could be it will be a horse that did not make the Derby field that will give him the most trouble: Teeth of the Dog. Bodemeister and Went the Day Well to fill out the superfecta. If I am right it will set the stage for yet another Dope City Riot if I'll Have Another does not win the Belmont Stakes June 9th.


JustFrankie said...

Alright Beer, been thinking about this race for the last 2 days and I'm thinking I'm not going to find any horse I like with any value. But, who knows? I'll be looking at the Form tonight after helping out Pop with some tree work. I'll post the results on your site tomorrow before the race. I like the fact your not going for Bodemeister to win because of the shorter distance like the majority surely will.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Rarely anything but a sucker bet to back a horse entering a shorter stakes race off a front end effort that did not carry the day. All I am going by is the ease with which the Derby winner beat some pretty good ones. Breezed across the line. That is what I saw.

Go! Canada! Go!

RossK said...

Not knowing a darned thing about horses or the reading of the form, I suggest we just make Frankie an hono(u)rary Canuckistanian so we can reach consensus and be done with it.


JustFrankie said...

Welp, I just handicapped the first four horses on the form and am wondering if this is a stakes race or a cheap maiden claimer. Horrible numbers and the only one showing improvement is the lightly raced Teeth. I'm sitting this one out and gonna sing "Oh Canada" when they enter the gate.
Let's go I'll Have another and more importantly,
Let's Go Rangers!
Hey Ross. I wish Canada would let me immigrate. It's getting nuttier and nuttier over here.

JustFrankie said...

Wonderin if they're rioting up there over the Preakness win. Good call Beer. In other horse racing news... it looks like a comeback for Big Brown

JustFrankie said...

Good call on the Preakness, Beer. Wondering if Dope City would have had riot if the horse didn't come through. In other horse racing news, Big Brown is setting up for a comeback

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Dope City horse racing, having not seen such attention focused on it in three decades, is enjoying quite the fully deserved boost in support. 10,000 at the track Preakness Day - skies the limit come the Belmont June 9.