16 May 2012

Preakness Weekend

I am so looking forward to this weekend. Queen Victoria Day long weekend here in jolly old Canada. That is about all the Royal Motherfucking Family is and has ever been good for. One day off, with pay.

Fuck them.

We also get to see, on Saturday, if the Canadian owned horse ridden by the fucking near Canadian jockey can take the second leg of the Triple Crown. You can be damn sure every other horse's connections, American or otherwise, have had it up to fucking here with hearing Canada this and Canada that for the past week and an half so you can bet the cobra venem will be in the syringe and every other trick in the book will be at the ready come race day.

Have not yet seen who I'll Have Another will be facing. You will have to wait for yet another hopelessly wrong prediction for later in the week. Only thing I know for sure is the colt won the Kentucky Derby without having to go all out. Fucking near breezed across the finish line he did.

Lots more hockey this weekend too.

Let's get ugly.


RossK said...

There's still hockey going down?

Who knew.

Re: the Breezing of that colt....What's that I read about the trainer's 'history' on the front page of last Friday's dead tree NYT?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

O'Neill is not the first, nor will he be the last, horse trainer with a colourful record to go on to (apparently) win cleanly. We are talking about America, the land second, third and fourth chances.

RossK said...

And if Roger Clemens could run...Horses would ride (him)?