1 April 2012

Robbed By the Government (Again)

Ma looked tired as she shuffled along her restaurant's worn linoleum to bring me my hot breakfast and then return to re-fill my cup with coffee. I am glad I am not a Chinese immigrant, happy to be in Canada, where we can volunteer to work six long days a week instead of being forced to by hunger and the unrealistic expectations of a bunch of motherfucking Communist Party parasites.

"You look a little tired Ma," I told her as I paid my bill. "Everything ok?"

"I work hard all my life here. Put son through university. He get good job. House. Car. Everything. Last night he crash car. Now in hospital. Hurt bad but doctor save him. Maybe I should close restaurant today but I cannot do. Gas too much. Bill too much. Tax. Everything tax. Now Harper asshole rob me $14,000 old age. I have to be here."

Ma's story is not much different from everybody's. Even if we like working, as I do, it is not like we would be doing anything different if we did not.

I had no time to console her and it is not like she was expecting me to. I had to get to the fucking mill before the whistle blew. "Koast is running in the fourth at Santa Anita on Sunday. He is a strong young colt like your boy. He might not buy you a day off but maybe you will feel a little better when he leads the field to the wire."


Jon said...

I felt like I was spying on you. I watched this movie, "Repeaters", about Canadian kids in some kind of drug rehab. It was kind of like "Groundhog Day" but with 'evil' thrown in. A lot of the movie takes place on the banks of a river. Half way through I started thinking, "That's the river where Beer walks his dog. I"m sure of it." So, at the end of the credits it says, "Filmed on location in Mission BC". I looked up Mission and found out it is right across the river from you. Maybe I should watch it again to see if I can see you flipping me off in distance.

I always thought of Canada as our non demented neighbors to the north. I don't get how they are able to turn the place into Reaganlandia so quickly. I hear a lot of grumbling from up there but the government keeps fucking with you all the same. Remember what Noam Chomsky sez, "Government is the shadow of the corporations."

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

We are forever coming across movie shoots around here. Half of the Mission RCMP detachment was probably tied up for months directing traffic and starfuckers away from that movie's outdoor locations.

The government presently fucking us over laughs into its sleeve when we grumble. This they will continue to do until we stop relying on elections to fix shit for us.

Jon said...

the corporations do not rely on elections to fix government for them.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Quite right Jon. The corporations are the shadow of the government.