3 April 2012


Ma's head was already slowly shaking from side to side when I walked in to her restaurant this morning. "Thanks Beer," she told me. "Horse you promise win pay $3.00 only."

"That's a 50% profit in a minute and change Ma."

"$3.00 only," she repeated.

There were two scratches in the race. They were the only serious competition to my pick in the race. It ought to have gone to the gate at 1-9. A rare dead cert. I had bet it heavily, as one should, when such oportunities arise.

"How much did you bet," I asked her.

"You know how much," she answered.

Probably $400. Would have bet more if she had seen what the horse looked like in its last race, as I had. Chinese are crazy with their money.

Colt is not going to have the earnings necessary to get in the Kentucky Derby and may never run like he can on a dirt surface like he can on the turf, but he has the look of that kind of runner. Enormous blaze on his face. Early speed and late speed on the lawn. We will see if he can route soon enough.

I refrained from telling Ma about the 15-1 shot I hit two races earlier on the card. Sometimes the crowd overlooks some good ones.

The coffee was ready.  Ma poured me a cup. As I stirred it I asked her, "How's your boy?"

"Getting better," she said allowing the faintest of Monday morning smiles to appear on her lips. "Couple week he be out looking for new car to crash."


RossK said...

Ma, smile ticklin'?


Can't even begin to imagine what she would have offered up if you had helped her hit the long one.

My advice.

Be careful with the best gambling advice there Beer.

Speaking of which...

You may want to head on over and see what kind of odds you can get outta Mr. Reid....


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My pick of Koast in that race is, I'm pretty sure, the first such correct public pick I have yet made.

Nick the Greek I am not.