29 March 2012

Wecome to the Romper Room

Looks like Dope City and its neighbouring local governments have come up with their Master Plan to prevent their hockey-fucked citizens from going ape shit should the Canucks somehow reach game seven of the Stanley Cup play-offs two years in a row. The government workers must be feeling well pleased with themselves - there is nothing they like better than making plans.

Their solution? It is a two part one. One of the first rules of governing is that no plan may only have one part to it. Must be multi-faceted, you know.

Firstly, no celebrations that would look out of place on Romper Room are to be permitted, except in the all the bars and restaurants where you can expect all Hell to break loose as usual.

Secondly, a police state will be created to try and keep the drunken louts from the uncivilized suburbs that surround Dope City as far away as possible. And do not think it will only be the trains, buses, borders and ferries that will have their passengers scrutinized. Expect roadblocks at the major arteries that lead into the city. Expect to show your papers and to breathe into devices that can detect whether or not you are a potential foul rioter.

Fuck the Charter of Rights and our freedom to move about as we please. It no longer applies during the play-offs. The motherfuckers would bring in the army if we had any soldiers stationed on this coast.


bewlay said...

Some people are stupid and some are stupid assholes they may come to know and marvel at how the system works because of these personal traits. Some on the other hand will be verbally reprimanded and that will be the whole of the thing. Others though will come to know the full scope of the plan in due time and undoubtedly they will be left in shock an awe...LOL!

Things really come into perspective when the people you trusted are holding guns and other compliance devices in power over you. Especially when you are being erroneously searched and have had your belongings seized without reasonable grounds.

Yes it is a bad day when you must face the choice of either acquiescing to brute force and state sanctioned tyranny or tempt fate and dare to resist.

So bend over and let the games begin motherfuckers, you asked for it, LOL!!!

Nazz Nomad said...

Or you could just do what we do on Lawn Fucking Guyland and have a horse shit hockey team that never makes the play-offs.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I know it's been a while Nazz but the Islanders' four Stanley Cups is four more than the Canucks are likely to ever win.