4 March 2012

Why I Wake Up Early On the Weekend

One of the things I do is fuck off with the dog so Sonja can clean up our house. If it was just the Hammer and I, we would be screwed. The dog and I make such a mess of the place we sometimes have to be gone all day.

We left early. If you get up early on the weekend, as I nearly always do, you can still find places where there are no people. Fuck people. It is just about impossible to get through a day, without remaining indoors, without bumping into the motherfuckers. All a man can hope to do any more is find himself some place where he can enjoy the whole planet by himself for a few minutes shortly after sun rise.

There were Canadian geese, ducks, a heron and some black and white birds I do not, but should, know the name of where we walked this morning. That was about it. Just me walking, my dog shitting and everyone else somewhere else.

We left, like a pitcher being pulled from a perfect game, before anyone came and fucked up the morning with their unwanted presence.

There were people everywhere else we went. Every day now, as the temperature slowly rises, there will be more of them walking around in their god damn Canuck jerseys. They will have smiles on their lips and a third Stanley Cup Riot in their eyes.



paul said...

Maybe buffleheads, the black and white birds. Summer in the Interior, winter on the coast.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Buffleheads they are. They are a bird likes to have fun. This weekend I watched one riding a stream's heavy rainfall fed current like a screaming kid on a carnival ride.

uniplmr1 said...

Hey...I got places to go where there is not one motherfucker in sight. There is a lot of gunfire in the morning though, the geese fall like rain.....