3 March 2012

Smoking Path

There were six teenagers
On the path my dog and I
Often walk on which inspire
Much of the poetry I write here.

I smelled the pot
Before I saw the pot smokers
They had a bong and
Were taking big hits

It's the weekend!

My dog approached them
Got petted
I said hello
And we continued

On our way back
The kids were still there
Still smoking their
Motherfucking bong

I said, "Don't mind seeing
Young people smoking pot.
Try and lay off the hard stuff."
They said, "Oh, for sure."

"I'm an old punk rocker,"
I continued,
"Lot of nice people I knew
Died doing the hard shit."  


sassy said...

Such a sensible perspective to share with those you and your dog share with path with.


Kim said...

Sensible advice.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That's me: Captain Sensible!

Kim said...

Lol. Who knew you'd be dispensing sensible advice, hey? Old motherfucker!

Anonymous said...
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