1 March 2012

Flat Track Love

Every four years I work an extra day
And get an extra day's pay.
Cannot take any of that extra
Money to my cold fucking grave.

February 29th ought to be a holiday.

As a special treat this Sadie Hawkins day
We got snow, sleet and ice rain.
It was Hellish.
My spirit,

For once,
Broken by the terror of sharing the roads
With my fellow dementedly bad drivers.
Getting through it all still alive made

Worthwhile by seeing
(via http://thevintagent.blogspot.com/ )
A pair of roller skates, a woman's legs
And motorcycles cornering on the flat track.

1 comment:

motorcycleguy said...

aah, good memories of my 250 Bultaco Pursang MkIV...recently sold in a bid to reduce inventory of internal combustion engines