21 March 2012

Soylent Green Lumber Machine

Stacking product
In the building products

Stacked ceiling high
In the building products

Noisy steaming
Composite building products
Stacked neatly
By a sweaty cussing

Money back guaranteed
Steaming composite
Building products
Made from human bones
Fingers, toes, ribs,
Hips, femurs, and heels

Jobs For B.C.
Soylent Green Lumber Machine
Jobs for B.C.
Recycled green employment
Soylent Green Lumber Machine
Jobs for B.C.
Thanks to the Soylent Green Liberal Machine



Kim said...

Sounds like Piggy's Palace. Who's that with Crusty?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That's Joe from DOA. Liberal supporters might say two Shitheads are better than one.

Anonymous said...

i knew that was Joey- who's the chick?

-the nazz

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The chick is the competency challenged Premier of British Columbia, the province I drink most of my beer in. She was a talk radio host when the picture was taken. Joe is still waiting for a chance to be photographed with Bill Bennett, our answer to Ronnie Reagan when young punk rockers like us roamed the Earth with our bad haircuts and worse attitudes.