23 March 2012

Walking Clubs

Some personal themes get repeated a lot during our lives. Sonja says I have been talking about fucking retiring since she first started drinking with me. I still cannot wait.

Sometimes I come across people doing the sort of things retired people do that get me anticipating life after work anew. Yesterday after work the Hammer and I came across a walking club making its way along the same muddy path we often walk.

There were ten of them. Sprightly, that term we reserve for people who look old enough to be institutionalized but are not, they were. My dog greeted each of them. They coo'd in return.

I asked, "Where'd you start walking?" It was a long way away. Longer than I have walked for a few years.

When I retire I think I will join a walking club just so long as we stop for a pint on the way home. Just so people will say, "That Beer. He's a sprightly motherfucker."


Anonymous said...

I too am looking forward to retirement (4 years to go)and love the thought of a brisk group walk, stopping for a pint along the way, and then best of all....
A little nap before supper.
Ahhhhh retirement!

Kim said...

Walk softly Beer, and carry a big motherfucking stick. That's my plan.

Stephanie in Vcr said...

DBT last night. Killed:-) There?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Don't get in to Dope City to see mid-week shows since I moved way the fuck out of town. I bet they did kill too. At least I have my memory of Shonna and the boys on their Dirty South tour.

Stephanie in Vcr said...

The Dirty South is my fave. Shonna is gone, as you know, but the tour fill-in was Matt from the Dexateens (and Model Citizen)....was great.