7 March 2012

Ray Charles Mounted Police

As the Hammer and I wandered the black space of the night time park last night police cruisers, hard to say how many, repeatedly stopped or slowed on the road that runs by the park and beamed their side-mounted searchlights across it, paying special attention to the shadowy places created by streetlighting blocked by trees and such.

I was happy the motherfuckers did not shoot me. You know what their response to my death would have been: "I thought the leash he was holding looked like a gun." Motherfuckers.

They were all too lazy to get out of their cars to have a look through the park even though there are several areas in it their searchlights could not highlight. Did not ask me if I had seen or heard anything either.

When they had taken their search elsewhere I took my dog around to all the places the police searchlights could not penetrate. Did not see anything but the Hammer did seem pretty interested in a place along the fenceline where the cop's quarry may have disappeared happily into the unsettling freedom of total darkness.

I joined my dog at the fenceline where she pointed into the black as if to say, "Fuck the searchlights. Ray Charles could have found that motherfucker."


Jon said...

You might as well move down here. Liquor is cheaper and you can buy more vitamins.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Do not even get me going on the price of liquor in my province.

Jon said...

Do not even get me going on the cops in my county.