8 March 2012

Judge A Man By the Company He Keeps

Some time this year, unless I choke on my own vomit, Dope City's one and only Free Press will issue its 2,000th issue and receive its 2,500th letter to the editor. Every so often I get an aw, shucks feeling and feel the need to thank you all, even you motherfuckers in the United Arab Emirates, for reading and writing in. I would still keep writing if you did not but you know how it is - the fucked up love fucked up company. I am having more fun, and therefore getting more out of writing here, than ever before.

This motherfucker is still rocking in the Free World.


Bill said...


That's a lot of words, reflections, observations, insights, humour, poems and brilliant posts. I want to thank you, Sonja for putting up with you, and the Hammer for taking you on regular walks. It sure seems to work.

Visits here are always rewarded. So many gems. Thanks.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It all began the day Link Wray died. Ed, the guy who used to write the "Old Blue Bus" blog that was mostly about bluegrass music, wrote one of many stories about Wray that day. Computers were new to me then but I had already begun searching for blogs that were worth reading. Ed's was one of those and because I am not exactly the silent type I wrote a comment signed, Mr. Beer N. Hockey.

The rest, as they say, is motherfucking history.

Do not remember what I wrote but I know Wray lived a life worth living. No man need do anything more than that if he can.

Thanks for your kind words Bill.