9 March 2012

Last of the Rock 'n' Rollers

I was listening to '50s music in the car on the way to work today. The Comets, The Moonglows, The Cadillacs. All those old cats. It was fun to do but I had to ask myself, as I sang tunefully along, "Am I last motherfucker on the planet who listens to this shit?" Red Fucking Robinson probably does not even listen to music that old on his way to the fucking job.


JottEff said...

Luckily you´re not the only motherfucker who still gives a shit.

motorcycleguy said...

nope, not the last....I like the signal drifting in and out...not always digital clear...just the right amount of static...the music is going out of its way to reach you and you appreciate it even more