1 February 2012

What Do You Think of Stephen Harper?

Kim started writing comments to Dope City's one and only Free Press not all that long ago. Best as I can tell she is every bit as bright as a freshly resigned member of the  RCM -fucking- P. I have only been reading her electronic gift to the world, Sister Sage's Musings, for a very short time but she must be a Fellow Motherfucker - she actually asked to become one.

You may well wonder how I can spot a Fellow Motherfucker. Foreign Fellow Motherfuckers are the hardest to detect. A keen hatred of the papacy and all things pope-like, like fucking governments, is always a good sign. Canadian Fellow Motherfuckers are the easiest to spot. They think Stephen Harper is an a asshole.

They are right.

Welcome to the motherfucking club.  


Anonymous said...

So do his buddies, Baird, Kenney, Clement, Soudas, Velshi and Boessenkool.

It is nice that they all have something in common.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

A lot of people are characterizing the current screwhead crew the people of Canada elected less than a year ago as the assholiest Canadian government of them all. Trouble is, we have all become so used to being governed by such fucking scum we cannot even look back fondly on a recent government in living memory, if ever, the way the Americans could look back on Clinton's years during the most recent Bush terms. Were Martin or Chretien or Mulroney really that much fucking worse than the current Canadian government?

Jon said...

I did not look back fondly on the Clinton years. Clinton was well liked but so was Reagan and both of them bastards.
I got to be friendly with a guy who had once been very high in San Francisco government, been a high ranking SF cop and also been charged, but never convicted of gun running to Northern Ireland. He was a pretty hardcore guy, but in the great San Francisco Irish tradition, a left winger. He used to slap me on the back and say, "You and me Jon. We got our education in the little red schoolhouse!" He had a politician's smile and a politician's handshake. One time, while he was smiling and shaking my hand, I looked him in the eye and realized that he was entirely capable of gutting me like a fucking deer while looking me in the eye and smiling. And I mean, he and I were on the same side.
Even fucking around on the fringes of politics has made me a little harder than I'd like to be. I have no stomach for the real thing. All of those people are killers.

Kim said...

Thanks Beer, I'm honoured...Fellow (or should I say Sister?) MotherFucker, Kim

Who is the last PM we could be proud of? If any...

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I like all those Prime Ministers who only held the job for a handful of weeks. (The term "fellow" is non-gender specific I believe. The only sisters are the Sedin twins.)